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Nerd station

I am a bit of a creative nerd, so I really wanted a craft station. I usually put all my tools etc. in boxes, but the great thing about a pegboard is that you can display all of your nerdiness on a board!
So I went to the DIY shop, bought a hardboard plate (or a bedplate in Dutch), had it cut in the right size, painted it white and grey and thus created my own pegboard. At Ikea I found things I needed for on the board: hooks and trays. The clipboard is from Søstrene Grene and the wooden pegs I made myself.
(1) The before picture (2) the end result.



WOnderful THings

This month a brand new design/interior magazine was published! WOTH, which stands for WOnderful THings. It is in stores now!
Mary Hessing, the former editor-in-chief of Eigen Huis & Interieur, started this amazing magazine. At the end of 2015 everyone who worked at EH&I was fired, because apparently it would be cheaper to make the magazine in Belgium. This broke my heart, because I loved working for this magazine en I learned a lot about interiors there. And the talented people who worked there suddenly had to say goodbye to a magazine they had lovingly been working for for years.
So when Mary contacted me and asked me to help her with WOTH, I did a little dance of joy and was only to eager to help. What an amazing crowdfunded initiative, Holland finally has a good design and interior magazine again. And not only the Dutch can enjoy the magazine; it has also been published in English!



Ladder to the stars

What do you do when you can’t find a lamp you like? You create one. Or at least, I do.
I like the simpleness of the design. It looks very casual; just some lightbulbs swung over a ladder. But it’s the execution that really completes this lamp. I choose a vintage iron cord (black and white) and three different lamp sockets with three different light bulbs. It makes the lamp more playful, more fun and definitely way more different from what you usually see in someones house. I also wanted the light bulbs to be energy efficient, and I was very surprised to find these LED light bulbs. They have such a warm light and are also beautiful to look at. Each light has a switch, so I can decide how much light I want in the room. But I also made sure the cord of the extension box has a switch, so I can switch these lights on or off from my sofa! Pretty efficient, me thinks. ;)



Cupboard on the balcony

From sketch to finished product… Here you can see the outdoor cupboard I designed for my balcony. My father was kind enough to help me put it together. The top half was left natural, the bottom half was painted white, but with a rough edge (as you can see in the sketch as well). It was difficult to find a cupboard that would fit a certain spot on my balcony, so I figured I better make it myself. I even made one of the shelfs longer, so a hole could be drilled in it to hang my broom in. It is funny to see now that the end result is so similar to the sketch, even down to the plants. ;)



Graphic wall

Right now the graphic pattern trend is huge for interiors. I love that, but I was already into this trend for quite some time. Over a year ago I was talking about a transformation in my living room on this blog. I painted my wall with different colors, in a graphic pattern I designed. But because the transformation was not yet complete, I didn’t post a picture of my ‘new’ living room. But now I have finished. My new sofa was finally delivered and I created the ladder lamp in the middle of the room. That wasn’t even a very difficult task, but it took a while to find the time and the right equipment. Now it really feels like my home.
p.s.: I’ll put some clearer pictures of the lamp in another post on this blog.



Kia Ora

This year I finally went to the other side of the world: New Zealand! I have been wanting to go for so, so long. All I can say is:
it was better than I could have ever hoped for. And I already had HIGH expectations. I met awesome people, saw so many beautiful things, did so many sweet as things… It was a dream come true. It really changed me and you can now hear me say no worries a lot. I am so much more relaxed now and that is all thanks to those great kiwi’s I met, with their laid back attitude.
On this trip I also visited Singapore and Australia, but New Zealand stole my heart. I was so inspired by this magnificent country, I have never been anywhere so truly gorgeous.
PS: yup, that’s me, gliding through the sky after jumping out of a plane above beautiful Queenstown.



About Time

Who would have thought finding the right clock would be so impossible to do? For years (yes; years, you may say I am a bit choosy) I have been searching, but none would do.
Then I stumbled upon this wooden clock (1). I almost had to drag it home with me, because it’s huge; 70 x 70 cm! But I had finally found a clock I could work with (because I found it a bit boring as is). So I spray painted half of it white (2). Then I started to apply gold paint and create these shapes and this is what came out (3). Unfortunately the gold paint wasn’t as gold as I would have liked, but I still enjoy it. Now I have no more excuse to be late… thanks to this big ass clock.



Baby, it’s cold outside!

Happy holidays, everyone! I know I haven’t been very active on my site this past year; time has flown by! I have been very busy, mostly working at various magazines. I really should update my portfolios more often, but before I know it another year has passed. Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution for 2016…
Anyway, this year for Christmas I made my ‘Homemade Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate’-mix for all my colleagues and friends. And because I work at a few different places, I had to make a HUGE amount. Enough for 150 people! They better like it. ;P



Poodle party

At a thrift shop I found a square lampshade. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it yet, but I knew I would be able to use it someday. Yes, I buy a lot of things like that, I’m always sure I will use it someday…
Then I remembered someone gave me a box full of plastic, gold poodles (thank you, Janine!). I bought some paper cups and washi tape, cut up the ugly lampshade and just started to make something; this is the end result. It’s a bit weird, yes, but there is nothing wrong with weird. So now I have a weird, gold and white poodle lamp in my studio. It’s a good thing that I love everything as long as it has some (okay, a lot) of gold in it. Therefore, I love this lamp!



Let the magic begin…

You can see handlettering everywhere you go now, but it’s not as easy as it looks. This summer I did a handlettering workshop by Marloes de Vries (a well known illustrator here in Holland). I wanted to get a good base, because I plan to do more with it.
I chose this quote, because I really do believe in it: ‘The Magic Begins Once You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone’. It has worked for me so far. For example; starting my own freelance business. I am so glad I did!



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