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WK hout Gruttersbakken


These beautiful wooden containers are made by my father, Wieger Kurpershoek. Hence: WK hout (‘hout’ means wood).
They’re called gruttersbakken in Dutch. You can store food in them; like potatoes, onions, eggs, etc. But of course, you can use them for anything you want! Making these gruttersbakken is a hobby of my dad. If you want one, you can order your own¬†custom made gruttersbak! Call him on +31 6 186 98 552.

He also designed his WK hout logo (did I mention he also used to work in the graphic industry?), and all I did was edit it a little. :)
I am very proud of these beautiful wooden gruttersbakken and of my father of course! Keep up the good work, dad!

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