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Hi and welcome! Let me introduce myself for a bit: I’m Heleen Kurpershoek and officially I’m a freelance graphic designer in The Netherlands. But I also love doing a lot of other things. Like designing interior products, creating illustrations and making my homemade pumpkin soup (yum!). But on this website there will be no pictures of soup. You can however see some of the graphic work that I have done, or am doing right now for the companies I work(ed) for.


Magazines have always been a passion of mine. As a kid, I already created my first magazine by cutting out pictures from other magazines. My friend ‘wrote’ the articles and I designed the magazine. Well… sort of I guess. :)
And for my graduation assignment at the graphic school I went to, I designed a magazine. I already should have known then, but it wasn’t until I started working for real magazines that I realised how much I loved it. Magazines are a lot of work, but it gives me great satisfaction to see something I worked on in stores a week or month after that.


  Creating Things
I love designing. Not just magazines, but EVERYTHING. Yes, I sometimes drive myself crazy. For instance: I can’t give someone a present, without designing or ‘pimping’ some part of it. In my spare time I also like to do some Photoshopping, illustrating, play with words… you can see my creative convolutions here.


  Interior / Product Design
My house is a great canvas. I am always trying out new things. My style is pretty neutral, but with a lot of splashes of colour. I like to keep things simple, but finishing it with awesome accessories. And that’s what I love to create too: interior product design.
A lot of times when I want something new in my house, I just can’t seem to find the specific thing I want. It just isn’t there. So I have started to make my own products. You can check out some of the things I have made here.


  Running Rabbit
Wut why the name Running Rabbit Design? Well, it’s quite a funny story. One day, when I was thinking about becoming a freelance graphic designer, I was walking past a field where some rabbits live. They were sitting in the grass, enjoying the sun, when all of a sudden one started to run. And I thought: running rabbit! I loved that as a name. It represents speed, out of the box thinking, originality and innovation. Besides, as a freelancer that’s what you do: you (sometimes literally) run around doing lots of various things. It is also a playful name, and that’s me. I love what I do and I love doing it well, but I think it is also important to not take yourself too seriously.
You should have fun with everything you do, especially in your job.


The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree. ~ Stephen Wright

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