Running Rabbit Design

Family business

In my family, I’m not the only creative one. In fact, we are all pretty creative. My dad can make anything out of wood (as you can see here) and my brother is a whiz on the guitar (he was the inspiration for this Photoshop project).
But I¬†definitely should not forget my mother and sister. Besides being an amazing cook and know-it-all when it comes to plants (and life questions in general), my mom can sew anything. Just look at this cushion she made for me as a surprise! I love it, thanks mum! :) And my sister can do just about anything; cook, bake, make lots of fun, creative things… She made these mugs for me a while ago. And I’m pretty sure she’ll say that it was an easy thing to do, compared to what she’s used to.

Hey, maybe we should start a product line?! ;)



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