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Family business

In my family, I’m not the only creative one. In fact, we are all pretty creative. My dad can make anything out of wood (as you can see here) and my brother is a whiz on the guitar (he was the inspiration for this Photoshop project).
But I definitely should not forget my mother and sister. Besides being an amazing cook and know-it-all when it comes to plants (and life questions in general), my mom can sew anything. Just look at this cushion she made for me as a surprise! I love it, thanks mum! :) And my sister can do just about anything; cook, bake, make lots of fun, creative things… She made these mugs for me a while ago. And I’m pretty sure she’ll say that it was an easy thing to do, compared to what she’s used to.

Hey, maybe we should start a product line?! ;)



12 months of Christmas

My best friend Ann turned 30 on December 27, 2013 (or the third day of Christmas, as we refer it to). So I gave her a present every month the following year to soften the pain of turning the big 3-0. ;)



Happy 2015, funny bunnies!

As a small Christmas present, I created a custom made bag for my clients and friends. Happy New Year to you all! I will be spending the holidays painting my living room. Not very exciting, you may think… Well, just wait until I can show you the result! Somewhere in the new year my new couch will be delivered and then I will reveal the transition my living room has made.



Merry Christmas with Flair

Weekly magazine Flair has issued 3 Christmas editions this year! I have been working with two other girls on issue 52, the last edition of 2014. (It’s the pink one, on top, if you’re interested.) It took some time to make, not in the least because it was doubled in size. But when it was finally printed, everyone (thankfully,) was very happy with the results.



Patricia Urquiola App for EH&I

In 2014 I was very busy at Eigen Huis & Interieur, creating the app ‘Urquiola door EH&I Live’ with art director Swan Kwee. We were both quite new at this, so it took us some time to figure everything out. This app is a combination between an app and an online magazine. We were responsible for the graphic lay-out of the app and for the communication with our app-builder.

It was very rewarding to finally see it in the iTunes Store, you can download it here:


ehi app

101 Woonideeën instagram


Wow, how nice! I recently spotted a few of my creations on the Instagram page of 101 Woonideeën.
Of course, they already published my ‘Fifty Shades of Light’-lamp in their November 2013 issue. I love that magazine!

Happy holidays


Hello Christmas lovers, I wish you happy holidays + cheers to the new year with this homemade Christmas card!
For gifts I attached either some yummie homemade Christmas chocolates or a lovely wooden Christmas tree pendant.

Warm winter wishes from Running Rabbit Design. Be creative and have fun each day. :)

WK hout Gruttersbakken


These beautiful wooden containers are made by my father, Wieger Kurpershoek. Hence: WK hout (‘hout’ means wood).
They’re called gruttersbakken in Dutch. You can store food in them; like potatoes, onions, eggs, etc. But of course, you can use them for anything you want! Making these gruttersbakken is a hobby of my dad. If you want one, you can order your own custom made gruttersbak! Call him on +31 6 186 98 552.

He also designed his WK hout logo (did I mention he also used to work in the graphic industry?), and all I did was edit it a little. :)
I am very proud of these beautiful wooden gruttersbakken and of my father of course! Keep up the good work, dad!

Restyling Plus Puzzels cover


Plus Magazine, the largest magazine in the Netherlands with an edition of 265.000, also publishes specials, like Gezond!, Fit! and Reizen!. But they also publish puzzle books and for that I was asked to create a new look.
The last coverstyle was too lifestyle-like. That caused confusion with magazine retailers, who didn’t really know where to place the puzzle books in their stores. So for this style I wanted to make sure people could clearly see that these are puzzle books. I added a little joke to the covers, by letting the puzzle book repeat itself on the bottom of the cover. I also edited the logo and made sure the puzzle books have a fresh look and feel to them.

Pretty Cool


My lamp ‘Fifty Shades of Light’ is shown in the November 2013 edition of 101 Woonideeën!
101 Woonideeën is a very populair interior decorating magazine in the Netherlands. The editorial staff had posted a message on Facebook that they were looking for some new and creative homemade projects. I am quite proud of this funny lamp, so I sent them an email. I think it’s pretty cool to see my lamp featured in a magazine!

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