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Welcome, Jesse


On August 24 2013 Jesse Jaron van Ommen was born. This beautiful baby boy is the son of my good friends Mike & Sietske.

Of course I really wanted to design Jesse’s birth card and of course I wanted it to be something creative and different. We came up with this idea for a flag line: the front spells Jesse’s name and on the other side you can read all the information.

Because I’m a perfectionist, I decided to make each flag line myself. So, after a few sleepless nights cutting the flags, drilling holes and connecting the cards with ropes… all the little flag lines were finished.

I think it was totally worth it. Hooray for Jesse!

Caps Club on tv!


Last summer I did some work for Caps Club, a tv series about five kids which I told you about before. Now the series will finally air! Starting Sunday September 1 @ 7pm on Zapp, the series will run for 8 weeks. Can’t wait!

See some of the work I did for Caps Club here.

KRO Detectives Magazine


On May 25 the special KRO Detectives Magazine was launched in the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. It was great to be there and to see something I’ve worked on be presented in such a way! This magazine was created for all the detectives-fans that the KRO has in the Netherlands. It’s a unique collectors item, with info about all the detectives that KRO airs, plus a guide to the film locations of Midsomer Murders, a special quiz, 25 detective books to read, how to make the perfect British High Tea etc.

Get your rabbity eggwarmer from RRD


Every bunnies favorite holiday is coming up: Easter. And look what I made for you: RRD (Running Rabbit Design) eggwarmersHomemade! Made of felt, this rabbity eggwarmer is sure to keep your eggs nice and warm for the coming holiday. I have been sending these out to a lot of funky people, but in case I missed you: let me know and I’ll send one to you. I have also created a card that has some fun facts about the rare Running Rabbit (for instance: did you know that there are nine different kinds of rabbits, including the European Rabbit, the Cottontail Rabbit and, of course, the Running Rabbit? ;D).

I wish you a very happy Easter and keep those eggs warm!

Coming up…

RRD has only been around for 4 months or so, but I have had enough to do. I’ve been working for some new magazines like KYK (popular science), Hoefslag and MOTOR Magazine at Sanoma Media. Sanoma is a great and inspirational place to work + it is the largest magazine publisher in the Netherlands!
And there are some new (and for now very secret :p) assignments coming up, so I can’t say I’ll get bored anytime soon. I can’t really tell you anything more now, but it is pretty exciting and a lot of fun to be a part of!


Plus: did I mention that this summer Caps Club will air on Dutch television? It’s a series about 5 kids that go on a great adventure… I worked on Caps Club in the summer of 2012; I created some graphic work for the series and helped out on set a few days, with Kristel Steenbergen. I’ve known her since my time at HITKRANT and she was the art director and set dresser for this. She did an awesome job!
So, if you have kids (or if you’re still a kid at heart): watch this series! When the air date of Caps Club is known, I let you know.


Look what i got in the mail today


Love the stamps I ordered at Studio Stempel! They were delivered today and I’ve used them right away to create my own business cards (or rather: business labels). But it’s getting a bit out of control: I have started to mark everything with these RRD-stamps… I’m getting a little obsessed with it. Hm, maybe I should stop. But. I. Just. Can’t..! … Now let me think; what else can I stamp?



It took some time to get everything just right, but as of now (October 2012) Running Rabbit Design is in business! I hope you’ll enjoy this site, it shows both my graphic and interior product design work. You can see my work in the Graphic Design and Interior/Product Design portfolios. If you want to know more, check out my About page or email me at
- Heleen Kurpershoek

Fifty Shades Of Light


After (unsuccessfully) looking for a creative living room lamp for a long time, I decided to make my own. In the summer of 2012, I bought a lot of plastic glasses, cups, etc and created this lamp. When turned on, it leaves some great patterns on the ceiling. I call it a mild version of a disco ball. But even in daylight, it looks pret-ty cool.

British Inspiration


On a trip to the Peak District in May 2012, I got completely inspired by this beautiful part of England. I love the fact that British shop owners make such an effort to make their shops look cozy, decorated and well… British! It just made me feel right at home and inspired me to look at things a little more romantically. From handwritten cards and cute drawings to Bakewell Pudding; everything was handmade. Since then I’ve started to create things by hand more, instead of always designing them on my Mac.
I think it just adds that little extra touch.


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