Caps Club


It is so great that I can finally show the work that I have done in the summer of 2012 for Caps Club. I wasn’t allowed to put anything on my site, because the show hadn’t aired yet. Starting September 1 2013, Caps Club will run for 8 weeks.

CC is a tv series about five kids that go on a great mystery adventure. I created the movie poster (above) which can be seen in the scenes within the movie theater. The newspaper that is shown and read in the series is also made by me + the postcards and then some other things too.

Last summer I also worked on set for a few days, helping Kristel Steenbergen, who was the art director and set dresser. She also created all of the awesome illustrations you can see on the website and in the series.


ps: creating something like this give you a lot of room to be creative (and put in some jokes!). On the movie poster, all the names have some connection to me (but they are fake). Especially the name Louise Carper has a meaning to me: it is a pseudonym for my own name. (Hey, I’ll probably never be a movie star, so this was an oppertunity I couldn’t let pass by..! :D)

ps2: the newspaper is a lot of nonsense too, except for the articles that really had to be put in. So, if the whole graphic design thing doesn’t work out for me, I can always start writing for the local newspaper or better yet: write obituaries!


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