In September 2016 a brand new design/interior magazine was published! WOTH, which stands for WOnderful THings.
Mary Hessing, the former editor-in-chief of Eigen Huis & Interieur, started this amazing magazine. At the end of 2015 everyone who worked at EH&I was fired, because apparently it would be cheaper to make the magazine in Belgium. This broke my heart, because I loved working for this magazine en I learned a lot about interiors there. And the talented people who worked there suddenly had to say goodbye to a magazine they had lovingly been working for for years.
So when Mary contacted me and asked me to help her with WOTH, I did a little dance of joy and was only to eager to help. What an amazing crowdfunded initiative, Holland finally has a good design and interior magazine again. And not only the Dutch can enjoy the magazine; it has also been published in English!

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