Running Rabbit Design

Ladder to the stars

What do you do when you can’t find a lamp you like? You create one. Or at least, I do.
I like the simpleness of the design. It looks very casual; just some lightbulbs swung over a ladder. But it’s the execution that really completes this lamp. I choose a vintage iron cord (black and white) and three different lamp sockets with three different light bulbs. It makes the lamp more playful, more fun and definitely way more different from what you usually see in someones house. I also wanted the light bulbs to be energy efficient, and I was very surprised to find these LED light bulbs. They have such a warm light and are also beautiful to look at. Each light has a switch, so I can decide how much light I want in the room. But I also made sure the cord of the extension box has a switch, so I can switch these lights on or off from my sofa! Pretty efficient, me thinks. ;)



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